Who I am


T'ana was born and raised in the heart of San Bernardino, California. If you know anything about those parts, you know that life there isn’t typically silver spoons, packaged with shopping sprees down rodeo drive. For her, it’s been all about humble beginnings.  As a child she experienced poverty, encountered violence, and watched her mother struggle through abusive relationships. As a young adult she found herself mirroring the generation before her, prompting the need for change.

In 2012 she wrote her first title, JADED Diamonds, and in 2016 she directed and produced, The Diamond Monologues, a theatrical production based on protagonists from her books.  In addition to building her resume as a thriving playwright, she is currently pursuing a degree in cinematography at a Los Angeles based college. 

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Diamonds In The Waiting Room


Set in the 90’s, DITWR is a play about five San Bernardino women that maintain their childhood bond in spite of fame, tragedy, poverty, and the decline of love in their own homes. Both career women, Bernice finds her marriage in shambles as she sits in a welfare office, while the fabulous Nicki obsesses over the bondage she feels comes with love. In the midst of being interrogated by a detective after her fiance is killed, Tia is shattered by the realization that her unborn child will be fatherless. On the flip side, Reeci is the woke’ drug dealer that refuses to be a victim of social hypocrisies, and Sheena is the full figured songstress that keeps everyone together while her insecurities break her apart!   

The stories on stage are a live adaptation of author T'ana Phelices' books, Jaded Diamonds and Pigs & Pearls. In 2015 she directed and produced the original work, The Diamond Monologues, and now the show is ready for an official tour. 


BAMBOO: A Short Film


"A college dropout must outrun her pimp-boyfriend in order to reclaim the life that he interrupted."

· In 2018, more than 14,000 calls were made to the National Human Trafficking Hotline

· 62% of human trafficking suspects are African American

· 52% of all juvenile prostitution arrests are African Americans

· 40 percent of victims of human trafficking are African-Americans

· Human trafficking victims are typically poor and have a history of exploitation, substance or sexual abuse, learning disabilities and inadequate support systems.

· Some argue that the demand for African Americans for sexual exploitation is higher than the that of other races and the penalties associated with trafficking African Americans are less severe.

Diamonds in the waiting room: GOFUNDME

Hello everyone!!! 

We are so proud to say that Diamonds In The Waiting Room opened this past May at the Willie Agee Playhouse to a theater full of inspired patrons, desiring more. Attendees connected to the gritty story lines due to the vulnerability of each character, and the poetic delivery. The showcase demonstrated the power of sistahood', while addressing well known social issues-namely, in the black community. And now...we're ready to hit the road!

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